Stress-Management Workshops

For three decades, Dr. Iankowitz has facilitated wellness by combining complementary and holistic healing approaches (i.e. therapeutic touch, herbal interventions, positive imagery, stress management and other relaxation techniques), with her conventional academic background to provide primary healthcare services to individuals of all ages.  By 2002 she fully embraced a more functional medical approach; in 2009…

Conversations With Our Daughters

Teenage years are filled with some of the most difficult milestones every young woman is destined to endure.  To ease our journey, and assist us in helping our teenagers through this delicate time, this book is a ‘must-read.’ To order s copy for yourself – or as a gift for one you love, click HERE

Tales of The Soil

A collection of stories that address existence before, during and after life as we understand it. Experience love as it is shared between Maya the Butterfly, and her dearly adored Dandelion. Embrace Dandelion’s journey through The Meadow, first as a petal, then seed – and finally to the moment when she releases seeds of her…

Bully-Free Presentations

Teaching children how to resolve issues by becoming part of the solution rather than part of the problem is an effort that is near and dear to my heart. Research documents the importance of healthy relationships. Studies suggest that relationships suffer from lack of honest conversation which, in great part, stems from confusion between ‘tech…

Story Guide For Parents & Teachers

Click below to load a printable guide that helps target learning through storytelling. Click to access stories-1-21-in-brief_-marcy-and-her-friends-at-school.pdf   Stories #1-21 in Brief_ Marcy and Her Friends at School To order a copy of Marcy and Her Friends, click HERE.

Situation & Lesson Guide (Free Gift)

Click below for a wonderful tool to help choose stories that target specific issues such as self esteem, organization, learning to read . . . Situation and Lesson Guide for Teachers & Parents_ Marcy and Her Friends at School  To order a copy of Marcy and Her Friends, Click HERE

N.E.C. Iankowitz

  N.E.C. Iankowitz is an ANCC Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse, motivational speaker, second degree Reiki Practitioner, former Director of Care Management at UHP, former research coordinator of the Longevity Genes Project at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and founder of Universe’Secretary. In April 2015, Dr. Iankowitz opened the doors to her private practice,…