Stress-Management Workshops

For three decades, Dr. Iankowitz has facilitated wellness by combining complementary and holistic healing approaches (i.e. therapeutic touch, herbal interventions, positive imagery, stress management and other relaxation techniques), with her conventional academic background to provide primary healthcare services to individuals of all ages.  By 2002 she fully embraced a more functional medical approach; in 2009 returned to school to earn her doctorate and, by 2015, finally opened the doors to her private practice in response to popular demand by those interested in continuing in their efforts to self heal. Dr. Iankowitz now offers individualized consultation to colleagues as well as participants in her workshops who are eager to continue their self healing journey.

Dr. Iankowitz designed two main Stress Management Workshops; one for the individual at home, with family/friends/loved ones; the other to target the workplace (see below).  Both workshops address time-management, interpersonal communication, and mind/body/spirit centering, using an interactive approach that permits demonstration and participation in techniques including but not limited to guided imagery, meditation, education on how the fight/flight response can be balanced by controlled breathing, location and stimulation of key chi point on one’s own body, and more.

There is an enormous body of reliable, valid and credible evidence documenting  the relationship between poorly managed responses to ‘stress’ and the onset of acute and chronic illness. Both workshops offer tools to address this reality.

Dr. Iankowitz sees life as a struggle to establish equilibrium. The workshop goals are twofold: to offer a greater understanding of the risks and benefits of daily stress on the body, and to teach simple, easy ‘stress management’ techniques for you to use any time of the day, enabling you to take hold of situations that might otherwise negatively impact your health and life.

Most people are unaware that planning for a vacation ranks high on the list of life’s stressors.  Learn how to use simple easy de-stress techniques anytime, anywhere (i.e. at home, work, before job interviews.)

Life With Perspective (geared for on-the-job stress management training)

Specific Goals of “Stress Management in the Workplace”:

  1. Empower participants by teaching the relationship between self esteem, bullying and the stress response
  2. Offer the skills necessary to reduce or avoid personal stress related interactions
  3. Encourage teamwork by teaching techniques to diffuse bullying on the job
  4. Demonstrate how to build trust with coworkers
  5. Emphasize the importance of showing respect to fellow coworkers on the job
  6. Teach mind/body awareness and control

Once we understand our personal responses to daily stressors, we can regain control over our mind and body. We each have our own way of “de-stressing.” This workshop helps to perfect the personal “de-stressing” skills, and shows how to choose positive rather than negative techniques.

Our day-to-day struggles to establish and maintain physical and emotional equilibrium are as simple to control as taking a deep breath.


Four Simple Steps to De-Stress

First: Listen to your body.
Second: Interpret the messages.
Third: Give yourself an order.
Fourth: Follow your order. Heal.


  1. How to use your Stress Control Card (free gift to all participants) to measure your moment-by-moment response (tension) to stimuli throughout the day
  2. The value of taking a deep breath to the count of 4, holding to the count of 2, exhaling slowly through pursed lips to the count of 8
  3. How to let go of stress while on the job . . .
  4. How to “body breathe” yourself to sleep on those stress filled nights

For more information call the office directly:   (917) 716-6802


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