Bully-Free Presentations

Teaching children how to resolve issues by becoming part of the solution rather than part of the problem is an effort that is near and dear to my heart. Research documents the importance of healthy relationships. Studies suggest that relationships suffer from lack of honest conversation which, in great part, stems from confusion between ‘tech savvy’ and ‘wisdom’ – a blurred distinction in the minds of many between the ages of  9 – 45.  Feel free to use the Situation and Lesson Guide (free gift)  along with the Marcy book to help you target areas of interest for your youngster.

The reality that young parents spend increasingly long hours in front of computer screens and on their cell phones, iPads, as well as newer and improving technology risks more than just their ability to communicate face-to-face with their children.  The price paid by our children includes impairment of skills such as interpersonal communication, ability to express through the written word, grammar, sentence structure and more. I see this in my classrooms (in elementary school as well as college students of mine).

My ‘bully-free-‘ presentations target (through storytelling),  friendship, how to build confidence and self-esteem, respect for self and others, how to nourish healthy relationships and effectively set boundaries, as well as a whole host of other skills that facilitate reflection and personal growth. This helps participants arm themselves with life tools necessary to recognize distraction and dissolve it.  Parents and children benefit from increased self-awareness as each presentation guides the audience to recognize their own inner light and wisdom.

Please feel free to call for details regarding pricing – which varies based on number & age range of participants as well as location/ travel time.

(845) 878-7708


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