N.E.C. Iankowitz


N.E.C. Iankowitz is an ANCC Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse, motivational speaker, second degree Reiki Practitioner, former Director of Care Management at UHP, former research coordinator of the Longevity Genes Project at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and founder of Universe’Secretary. In April 2015, Dr. Iankowitz opened the doors to her private practice, and is the Director of Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC.

Dr. Iankowitz graduated from Pace University in 1981 with a B.A. in Psychology/ Human Relations, in 1983 with an M.S. (concentration in nursing), and in 2012 with a doctorate in nursing practice. She is a holistic health & stress management consultant, author of three books (Marcy and Her FriendsTales of The Soil, and Conversations With Our Daughters), and offers workshops on a variety of topics including stress management, time management, and self-healing. She lives with her husband in a quiet rural setting along the Adirondack trail.


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  1. Shell says:

    “Conversations with our daughters” was both inspiring and educational. My relationship with my own mother began to heal with the help of this book! Thank you, Dr. Iankowitz!

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